Is Los Angeles Retrofitting an Absolute Necessary for Property Owners?

As per the Ordinance 183893 and Ordinance 184081 passed in 2015, around 13,500 structures in Los Angeles needs to get retrofit. Many homeowners who got the notice don’t know how long it is going to take for the retrofit process. They don’t know that even it can take up to a month to draft the plans for the retrofit and they don’t know even how long the Department of Building and Safety will need to approve the drafted plan. In this article, we will discuss soft story plans. For more information, you can visit

The Process of Soft Story Retrofit Plan Check

All plan checks submittals exist here. The process is as adheres to:

Preliminary Meeting

Contractors and engineers make their soft-story retrofit plans and have a 15-30 minutes meeting with a City Engineer. Now, at this stage, no formal submittal takes place, but it is a crucial conference. The city engineer will certainly evaluate the plans as well as provide responses on the drawings as well as the calculations for engineering. In many cases, they will offer a listing of modification products that require to be mirrored in the strategies when they are formally sent.

Official Submittal

After the initial meeting, the engineer returns to the city and officially sends the strategies. An application must be filled out as well as charges need to be cleared for plan check.

You can expect the preliminary of improvements to take thirty days from the moment plans are officially submitted. When the adjustments are made to the plans, you set up a meeting with the planner to go over the fixed plans. Right now, the plans can be approved, as well as you are clear to transfer to the following action.

Real estate habitability Strategy

A renter habitability plan has to be submitted with the City's division of housing. The application and the plan are filed online as well as usually authorized within five days. Tenants should be offered a 25-day notice of work to commence.