Things To Avoid Doing To Teak Furniture

Furniture is a quintessential part of our daily life and existence. If you are not someone who practices minimalism, you would definitely know the kind of importance it holds on our lives. That being said, it is also not surprising that not many people are aware of how to take care of the furniture like the teak tables and such. Teak is actually a very important and very expensive form of wood, so you can imagine why the furniture made out of it is costly. Everything said, there are a number of factors that one does need to keep into consideration when it comes to the overall prospect of handling and maintaining one’s team furniture. Some of the things that one most definitely should avoid are what we are going to focus on.

Keep it moist

If you are using the teak furniture for an outdoor setting, it is important that you do keep it dry and avoid letting the moisture getting the best of the condition altogether. The presence of moisture does have the capability of ending up causing mildews and even bringing down the longevity of the piece of furniture. The best way to keep it in the best of the condition is by ensuring that you wipe it down with a dry cloth every single day or at least, every other day to keep it squeaky clean.

Keep it under direct sunlight

While the direct sunlight exposure can seem like a good option to fight off the mildews growing in the teak furniture, it is not necessarily the best option, especially when it comes down to the overall prospect of making the wood last for an extended period of time. Instead of leaving it out under the direct sunlight, either keep it covered during the scorching days of sunlight or try and keep it under the shade.

Not Clean the furniture

Not just teak, this does hold true for every single one of the form of furniture. It is important that you do keep it clean and avoid using harsh chemicals and use the ones that will help clean it without leaving behind patches and such on the furniture. Additionally, it also helps keep the mildews away.

Teak furniture can be hard to maintain, but the process isn’t rocket science. All you need to avoid the problem is to ensure that you avoid doing these mistakes and the rest is all sorted out.