How to upgrade any room in your new home on a budget

While looking at new homes, you may be struck by a few fantastic homes that have just one or two rooms that are not quite perfect. Don't worry there are ways that you can renovate a room on a budget.

Here are a few cheap upgrades depending on the area of the home you want to remodel. All you have to do is factor this into the purchase price.


  • Don't like the current cabinets? Either paint them a different color or purchase new cabinet doors: either option is cheaper than replacing them entirely.
  • Add new hardware. Drawer pulls and cabinet handles are a fast way to change the look of a kitchen.
  • Purchase new appliances. New appliances will increase the functionality of the room while also adding to its style.


  • Update the fixtures. A new shower head or a new faucet can do a lot to update the look of an older bathroom.
  • Add different lighting. Lighting and mirrors can dramatically alter the appearance of a bathroom.
  • Resurface the bathtub or add tile backing. A resurfaced tub will look brand new. Rather than tiling everything individually, you can purchase backing that is pre-tiled.


  • Remove popcorn ceilings (but get them tested first). Some popcorn ceilings may contain asbestos.
  • Build out the closet with additional storage. Built-in storage, such as for shoes, can add a lot of value to an unstructured closet.
  • Add mirrors to open up the space. This is especially important in smaller bedrooms.

Living Rooms

  • Add new light switch and outlet plates. If the old switches and outlets are cracked and worn, it may be making the property look old.
  • Put molding or wainscoting in to give the room some additional flair. These are easy to install and add a level of classic detail.
  • Paint the living room a different color. Painting is an easy, affordable way to make a room look completely different.
  • Update the windows. Place frames around your windows to make them look larger—or replace them entirely with energy-efficient models.

Don't shy away from the perfect home just because it needs a few changes. You can design your perfect home with a little extra time. Contact Inspired Homes in Lees Summit, Missouri today to start your journey.