Bring In Spring For 2019!

Spring is a time of rebirth.  Not only is it a time to do your spring cleaning, but it’s also time to bring the elements of spring into your home.  This will freshen and brighten your home as it warms up.  With new growth outside of your window, it’s a great time to reflect those changes in your home.  As you are cleaning, consider these easy ways to bring spring into your home.

 Get Your Greens!

Use green to decorate your space.  If you have faux plants, mix them with green plants from your garden.  This can add depth and richness to your rooms.  A trip to your local greenhouses or farmers market will give you a wide selection to choose from.  Supplementing the live plants with faux ones provides a mix of textures and colors that add a touch of spring green to every room in your home.  Spread these touches of green throughout your space to automatically brighten and lighten.

Tidy Up!

Spring is a great time to give your home a deep clean.  Your home has been closed up for the winter so now is the time to wash the curtains, dust your light fixtures and clean into the dark corners of every room.  While you are doing this, it’s also a good time to get rid of any items that you no longer use.  Purging them will lighten the mood of your room and provide more space.  So clean out closets and get rid of decorative items you no longer want.  The whole home will feel fresher and more spring-like!

Brighten Up!

Brighten and lighten everything around your home!  Give dark colors and heavy textures the heave ho!  They are visually weighing everything down.  Bring in lighter colors and neutrals in paints and textiles to make the whole room seem airier.  Open your windows to air your home out and let the light filter in.

Bring Spring In!

In your garden, the flowers are starting to bloom.  Bring them inside in vases throughout your home.  Don’t forget the spaces where you spend a lot of time such as the kitchen and your bedside table.  This will give a springtime lift to these areas you’re often in.  If you don’t have a garden, your local florist and grocery store have an assortment to choose from.  Vases of flowers will give elevate your spirits and literally bring spring inside.

Get a New Perspective!

While you are cleaning and purging, consider moving furniture.  Rearranging your living room furniture can give the room a whole new look.  While you are at it, consider each piece’s condition.  Does it need to be repainted, repaired or replaced?  Springtime is a good time to take care of that.  It will make the whole house seem newer and fresher.  Your new living room or bedroom arrangement will give you a new perspective on life and changing seasons.  So, get cleaning and moving things around.

Springtime allows us to reconnect with the natural world outside of our doors.  These suggestions will get you into the spirit of decorating and bringing spring into your home.