Are You a Newbie to Long Distance Moving? Here’s How to Ace it.

If you want to let the long distance moving go easy on you, all you have to do is plan well in advance. This assists in expecting issues and provide you an ample amount of time to address the issues. However, it is not enough to plan a successful long distance move. Just writing down the task on your to do list can render you overwhelmed by the hard work that will be invested in the long distance move. You can make it go easy on you by creating a rough timeline with approx. deadline for each and every task and contact ADF Express long distance movers to help you out with more.

Three months before the move

1.       Put up your abode on the market or begin seeking a tenant to sublet to until the lease is ongoing.

2.       Rummage through your belongings once and seek the items you would be fine with donating or selling in a yard sale and make the necessary arrangements to do so.

3.       Do all the due diligence on the long distance moving companies to find the ideal one for you

4.       Book all your travel arrangements if you are driving across the country or even flying to your new destination.

Two months before the move

1.       Solicit the required packing stuff you would need for the move.

2.       Keep your bank apprised for an international account if needed

3.       Ensure that you will have easy access to any necessary meds in your new abode

4.       Keep the post office of your address apprised of the change in address and make sure all the mails to your old address will be rerouted to your new one.

One month before the move

1.       Start packing your belongings

2.       Accomplishing everything in a day can prove itself to be stressful

3.       Just pack the things you don’t need in at least a month and leave only the bare necessities that should be packed a day before you move

4.       Ensure that you are all caught up with the date of all your bills and cancel or transfer all the services such as electricity, magazine subs, cable etc.

Paying heed to this very checklist is probably the easiest way to ease down on the stress of the long distance move. An alternative to this is to employ the expert team of ADF Express. They tend to make the long distance moving smooth and looking after everything at every stage. Contact ADF Express for more.