5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Window Installation Cost In Edmonton

Whether you're looking to own a home or an office, windows are one of those essentials you can't miss.

And yet, installation may not always be something within your current financial situation. Or you could just be looking for a bargain.

Either way, this short guide will point you in the right direction, especially if you're considering shopping around Edmonton.

Depending on your specific needs, here are some simple steps that will ensure a great bargain for your window installation in Edmonton:

  1. Define Your Budget

Yes, you're already on a budget. But what's the specific range that you're willing to operate in?

Needless to say, your budget should a reasonable figure—just enough for your bargain hunt but not too low for what you're looking to achieve.


Ask those around you who're already set up to get rough estimates. The numbers will definitely vary. What you want is a base figure to work with in determining the lowest you can go.

  1. Pick a Brand That Suits Your Budget

There are more than a dozen window installation companies in Edmonton. And each one of them is targeting a select group of potential customers as per their spending capabilities.

Simply put, there are those that serve low end consumers, mid-level ones and high end ones.

As per your budget, it is easier to shop around for a window manufacturer who can work with what you have to offer.

The caveat is to make sure you don't compromise too much on quality chasing bargains. This forum thread will give you a rough idea about the average price points.

  1. Limit Your Needs to Only the Essentials

To save more, you'll have to grab what's already in the market—that means no custom designs for a larger part.

When it comes to styles, you're better off with sliding windows as they're cheaper compared to the crank ones.

In terms of additional features, you may have to do with only those ones that necessary. That means a few glass options, instead focusing on upping efficiency.

Natural Resources of Canada recommends considering your climatic zone to truly map out any additional features you might need.

  1. Choose Vinyl or Fibreglass

These two fair on well if you're looking to save a few bucks on window installations but still want to improve your decor.

For a good enough scenario, vinyl is your option. It is low cost, performs averagely on durability and has some visual appeal.

Fibreglass, on the other hand, is more durable than vinyl, more visually-appealing but costs slightly more.

Both are a good fit for low cost windows in Edmonton.

Again, it all boils down to your budget and what you deem essential.

  1. Consider a Retrofit Installation

If you're looking to replace your windows, you can leave the old frames on instead of pulling everything out. Only the window is replaced. This allows you to save on the cost of new frames.

This shouldn't be a long term situation though. It is very likely that the frames are spoilt by moisture. Therefore, work on having them replaced as soon as possible.


There you go. Cut off a few dimes on window installation using these tips. And in the very rare case of not knowing what to do with your saved dimes, hit us up. We'll give you a bank account to send them to!