How much does a realtor cost?

When looking for homes for sale, chances are you’ve started interviewing realtors to assist in your search.

A real estate agent will make money from helping you sell your home, but those variables can change with every sale.

In most instances, the fee is paid by the seller, at closing. If there is a listing broker attached to the sale, they split that amount with them.

Whether a buyer or seller, there are associated costs that go beyond the listing price and should be taken into consideration.

Realtor commissions

The commission is calculated as a percentage of the sale price but can be negotiated between the buyer and seller. This usually occurs when the real estate agent is representing both parties.

While this can be common depending on what state you live, these types of transactions are illegal in Florida, Colorado and Kansas. In these instances, the dual agent keeps the entire commission.

When purchasing a home, the agent’s commission will be listed. Closing costs, which entail a variety of associated fees, can also be negotiated between the buyer and seller. A good real estate agent will help negotiate these fees to work in your best interest.

Getting all the associated costs on homes for sale will help you make an informed decision. For more information, or if you’re in the Rockport, Texas area and are looking for a new home, contact the team at Rockport Properties and speak to a real estate agent who can walk you through the process and gain a better understanding today!